What Is a Synonym for International Business

The International Chamber of Commerce: an international organization of business owners a measure of a country`s position in international trade that compares the prices of goods it sells to other countries with the prices of goods it buys from other countries An international organization that controls trade between countries General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade: an international trade agreement and an international organization replaced by the World Trade Organization an international trade system in which companies do not have to pay high taxes on goods bought or sold in other countries English version of the international trade thesaurus of one of the countries to which a particular country agrees to grant the most advantages in its international trade, an official order to stop communication, commerce, etc. with a country that has violated international law, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development: a group of rich countries working together to increase world trade, to return to your country goods made in other places from materials that originally came from your country to bring something like a plant or animal into a country or environment for the first time in an American situation, when a country buys more things from other countries than it sells them money given to a country or territory where people need it, but it must agree to spend it only on goods and services provided by the country or organization that gave the money the process of buying and importing products from other countries, stop trading with another country through a government decree. . Economy to send a product to another country so that it can be sold there, an economic organization that usually consists of several countries whose purpose is to promote free trade among its members. Savings to buy a product from another country and bring it into your country An official measure designed to prevent people or goods from moving from one place to another. . introduce an idea, tradition or activity in another country, the difference between the amount of money a country pays to foreign countries and the amount it receives from them An agreement between two or more countries on trade between them a person, a company or a country that brings goods into their country, to sell them. send or operate in another country where the cost or taxes are lower. the practice of restricting access to content or products, depending on the country in which a person is in undeclared goods, are goods that you import illegally into one country without informing the customs authorities that they relate to the sale of goods to another country or are used when selling goods in another country, A system under which farmers and producers in developing countries (= poorest countries with less industry) who trade with rich countries receive fair wages, receive fair prices for their products and are encouraged to pay attention to the environment. .