What Does Vague Definition Meaning

What this something will be – that it will hurt and that will do evil – remains somewhat vague. When asked if Cisco would have sold its Kinetic for Cities software without the coronavirus pandemic, Diedrich was vague. “They seem to be as at home here as they are in London,” Armine said in a rather vague voice. Mr. Pontellier had a vague suspicion about this, which he considered useless until late that day. He had very vague notions of justice as administered by law, and for the time being, he cared little about it. The 42-year-old, who lost his job because of the pandemic and started working as a runner in a hospital, said the government`s communication was too vague. Wave comes from the Latin vagus, which means to hike or walk. Think of a wanderer, someone who wanders around the world and has only a vague idea of where he is going. There are some impressive swear words for wave, including ambiguous, nebulous and dark. Unfortunately, early warning signals are somewhat vague and not specific.

She was so confused that she was more alive for the current distress of her condition than for the vague horrors on the ground floor. But Horrigan says the site sorts red flags as vague or unlisted addresses. Amazon`s tip refund policy was not vague, spokeswoman Rena Lunak said in a statement. If your understanding of physics is vague and you have a test in front of you, it`s time to beat the books. When something is vague, it`s blurry, dark, and hard to understand. Although the company did not give a specific date, the vague outline means that the update could arrive at the end of March or April. But McCulloch has remained vague about the issues he says we need to resolve. Give yourself a real reward Of course, some people might be motivated by vague goals like “better health” or “weight management.” But I think people who have questioned it are sometimes a little vague in their reasons for the challenge. Vague whispers of doubt and surprise reached the ears of two of the British judges. .